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AC duct cleaning is the cleaning of several parts and components of a heating and cooling system that includes the air ducts that carry the air in and out, the diffusers, grillers, exchangers, and cooling coils. Along with these, the condensation drip pans, fan motor, and housing in addition to the air handling unit housing. Many of the cleaning companies provide duct cleaning, but you should know that duct cleaning needs to have special types of equipment that we use for complete inspection and maintenance. 

Why AC Duct Cleaning is Important?

If AC ducts as well as other components are not well maintained and operated, they get contaminated due to the dust particles, rise in pollution, pollen, dander (if you have pets), or other debris. As most of the months in Dubai have a humid climate, an increase in microbiological components such as mold and spores rises and are released into your living area.

Release of these contaminants causes various medical conditions, conditions such as allergic reactions, asthma, sneezing, and itchy watery eyes, or some other severe symptoms. So, once you decide to hire someone for AC duct cleaning and system, it should be made sure that it is thoroughly cleaned with a qualified and trained team so that no debris is left behind because it can re-contaminate the system if not properly disinfected.

How is AC duct cleaning performed?

AIFA Services uses specialized tools to extricate dirt particles and debris in the duct and then vacuum it out with a high-power vacuum cleaner. In addition to thoroughly cleaning physical debris, we propose applying chemical biocides that are used to kill microorganisms contaminants to the inner side of the DC duct and other system components. On our client's demand, we would also treat it chemically to encapsulate the inner surfaces of the air ducts and other elements as we believe that it will help in controlling the growth of mold and also prevent the release of dirt particles from the tube. Encapsulation of the inside ducts with sealants is different from sealing duct air leaks, sealing duct air leaks, however, helps in saving energy.  

How often should you have your AC duct cleaned?

Due to the rise of allergy and asthma symptoms in the residents of Dubai, attention to a clean cooling system has become more popular. There is no typical timespan suggested as to when to go for cleaning your AC duct as it depends on the area where you reside as well as its climatic conditions.

Rendering to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), clearing out your duct every three to five years is generally suggested. However, to figure out if you need cleaning before this period, here are some possible signs to keep in consideration, even having a few and not all would need maintenance:

  • Accumulation of dust around the outside vent

  • Obvious thick dirt inside the duct

  • Excessive dirt and dust around the filter area 

  • Rubbish or dust particles noticed from the inner vent

  • Smelly and moldy air flow from vents

Other than these signs, some additional factors that may need frequent AC duct cleaning may include:

  • Having pets

  • Recent home renovation

  • After shifting to a new home

  • Chemical irritants have spread through the house

  • If you continuously experience allergic symptoms 

It is always suggested to clean your AC duct by hiring professional team service before the advancement of any severe conditions.

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